PN33 TRUS'ME - PLANET 4 / 2 x LP



Keeping with the rough release rate of an album every couple years, Prime Numbers label boss Trus’me is back with his fourth full length, Planet 4. Featuring nine cuts of intergalactic techno and once again marks a considerable sonic evolution for the acclaimed UK artist.

Never one to do the same trick twice, David James Wolstencroft uses his latest album as a vehicle for his own interest in deep space, physics and dark matter. It is those subjects that have occupied his mind in recent years, and those subjects that inform this brilliantly otherworldly album. Where previous LPs have variously been funk and soul heavy or openly analogue and physical, this is a more subtle and supplle techno affair that is as cerebral as it's seductive.

Starting with a monologue that suggests that man has already landed on Mars, ‘1979’ is a cut that immediately places you somewhere in orbit. Spooky synths and sci-fi sounds are eerie and atmospheric and very much set a perfect tone. From there is slow, elastic and unsettling mood music on ’The Unexplained,’ deep and insular techno on ’Dark Flow’ and trippy Dan Bell style minimalism on ‘Ring Round Heart.’ The second half of the LP touches on chunky dub, manic and melodic grooves.

This is a coherent statement that holds together conceptually and musically. As well as providing plenty of dynamite for the more discerning dance floor, Planet 4 is also a delightfully detailed affair that will work just as well on headphones late at night.

Boomkat says :
Trus’me returns with a brooding, shades-on and Detroit-styled electro and deep house sound in his slick 4th album. Moving with the times, he jettisons much of his vintage funk and soul sample palette in favour of taut, lissom synth strokes and veiled vibes across nine tracks of sensual, shadowy and effortless grooves. It references a more European sound, but in the way that Detroit dudes would draw inspiration from sci-fi soundtracks, EBM, industrial and electro and then flip them with their own flavour and swerve. The result is strong highlights such as the swaggering, snaky kerb-crawler The Unexplained and the Robert Hood-alike Motor City soul of Dark Flow, plus a total winner called Our Future (swear he’s robbed those pads from somewhere that we can’t place our finger) that recalls Urban Tribe’s remix of Nina Kraviz, and certainly the Drexciyan charger, So High. Sterling work.

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