Linkwood - System - 3xLP/CD


After gaining high praise for his productions on Firecracker Recordings’ 10” series and Prime Numbers EPs, including tracks such as “Miles Away”, “R.I.P”, “Piece Of Mind” & “Lost Experiment”, “System”, the debut album from Nick Moore aka Linkwood proves why he’s on top of his game. Brimming with the drama of integral, subterranean dance music, this album highlights the breadth of Linkwood’s influences with a spectrum of styles confidently blending genres likes 80’s Boogie, Detroit Techno, House and Deep Soul. The well-engineered and flawlessly produced tracks give a distinctly powerful and affecting finish especially evident on the ones featuring Fudge Fingas on keys and the singer, comedian, entertainer Reggie Watts, who provides the vocal for “Tears”.

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